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Need SEO Servicios Pour Votre Entreprise?

Did you know that 40% of residents of Los Angeles County are Spanish speakers?[1] And what about that around 1.4 million people in the county do not speak English well at all?

Going even further, 40,000 residents of the county speak French!

Let’s do a test search of “plomero en Los Angeles” (which means “plumber in Los Angeles”) and see what keyword tools say. Look at the image on the right (or below if on mobile).

Voila! Almost 300 searches per month for plumbers in Los Angeles in Spanish. That’s the audience ALMOST ALL local businesses miss out on.

Also, “plombier Montréal” gets 550 searches per month (a single keyword, meaning “plumber Montreal”) according to the same keyword research tool, Mangools.

We get it, language barrier. But if you’re on this page, it means you can overcome that and are ready to grow your business. 

And this is just for small businesses. Some of you have locations and sell to audiences in multiple countries. This is where the numbers get really interesting.

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Our Multilingual SEO Strategy

There are two main ways to make multilingual SEO work:

  • Two or more separate domains.

Basically, you would have the same website per language per domain, and you would use country TLDs except maybe English, which can get away with .com.

Some localized content for the country or GEOs within the country if it applies (stats, pain points, and so on).

I’m just throwing this out there as an example but you might be selling medication. We would add some uniqueness by adding data about how many people in that country or region struggle with a problem you are solving.

  • Directories. So, basically, for English, for German, and so on.

Same exact thing, but all on one domain.

For local companies based in one county, servicing multiple different audiences within that country, we’d stick to option #2. For companies selling in multiple countries, we’d stick with option #1.

Want a more personalized strategy? Get your audit today!

Why SEO for Multiple Languages?

Not only is SEO one of the highest ROI marketing channels you can invest in, but it’s never been easier to get customers and rank for multiple languages than today, with AI!

Nowadays, you don’t have to speak French to get customers from France.

AI can write French content for you, and with the help of some proofreading, we can come up with a piece of content that has perfect French grammar, keywords, and even slang.

Around 60% of internet users prefer browsing in their own native language[2], and only around 5% of websites are multilingual, so leverage that.

SEO provides an ROI of 22:1[3], and with non-English languages being generally easier to rank in, this could be even higher and results can be faster.

How many customers can YOU get? Claim your audit and find out!

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Our Pricing for Multilanguage SEO

Our pricing is stupid simple.

$500 Per Month Per Language

Regardless of whether it's one site with directories, or a site per language.

$250 Per Month Per GBP

Have Google Business Profile(s) you need us to manage and rank? We'll take care of that too!

This totals our pricing at $1,250 per month for one-location, two-language Multilingual SEO.

We Serve The Following Industries


Want more Water, Fire, and Mold jobs? I can get you those, plus other, more niche jobs like Trauma or Lab Cleanup.


I can provide you with more interior and exterior painting jobs, both residential and commercial.

Pressure Washing

Stop relying on signs and word of mouth. Build your own inbound pressure washing lead system today!

Junk Removal

Just because you remove trash doesn't mean you should have trash marketing. Get in touch today!


Sell more installation and refinishing jobs. I had easy success ranking a lot of refinishing sites in 2023. You will, too.


I'll bring you more detailing jobs you want, like paint correction, ceramic coating, and more.

Tree Service

Continue keeping our yards safe while we get you more pruning and removal jobs.


More kitchen and bathroom jobs. Slightly different approach than f.e., water damage, but I can still get you jobs.

Other Services We Provide

Have more locations? Want to go after more languages? More countries??? We can help!

Local SEO

Need only one-language, one-location SEO? Reach out to us right away!

Multilocation SEO

Have multiple locations? I'll help you open even more with multilocation SEO.

Nationwide SEO

If you serve nationwide, reach out for a custom nationwide SEO game plan!

More FAQs!

First, you have to understand a “funnel” methodology. Bottom of funnel, middle of funnel, and top of funnel.

For instance, social media advertising is top-of-funnel advertising. You have to scream and shout with the best offer you have for them to even listen.

People on Facebook DON’T CARE about your ad. They want to see memes, cat videos, their aunt embarrassing herself with lame quotes and posts, and an occasional political argument. NOT your ads!

So, you need to take away their attention.

This is done by having a bold, almost crazy hook that gets them in.

Maybe something like:
– Our Affordable Re-roofing Will Help You Sell Your House For More
– Cracks in Roofs Can Cause Your Ceiling to COLLAPSE (See Proof!)
– Your Wife Will Leave if You Don’t Do This…

Lol, I’m proud at myself because of the last one. Just kidding.

But this is seriously what it takes. It’s hard.

Even though I know what it takes to get them to work, honestly, I’m no ads-running expert.

My core focus is Google, specifically organic SEO..

Here’s why. Google is “bottom of funnel”, which now means that the customer already knows what they want and have expressed serious interest.

It is much easier to sell this audience. It doesn’t take screaming and shouting and making bold claims.

But the work is a lot more technical. Takes a great website. A lot of effort in building up reviews. Promoting your website on other websites.

However, it pays dividends because once you build on Google, you STAY there. For YEARS. That’s free real estate. People will find you and see you #1 long after you put the initial SEO work.

The problem is that most roofers, plumbers, doctors, lawyers, or pretty much anyone isn’t willing to wait out that initial period and trust that the algorithm will eventually notice it. As explained before, Google scans billions of sites, it takes time.

How hard is it for you to answer 15 text messages at the same time? Now imagine having to mathematically calculate which site out of tens of billions needs to be first so they don’t lose out on ad revenue, and so on.

There is a lot more at stake for Google to show a bad website to their users. Their resources and ad revenue will be impacted.

The truth is, Google Ads are way more likely to suck out all of your cash instead of getting you business. Unless…

With Google Ads, there is this thing called the “learning phase.”

I need to point out how serious this thing is. Serious enough that most business owners will quit and not push through it.

It will take both time and money to get Google Ads to work. It’s as hard as SEO, if not harder. In the beginning, it’s like gambling.

Not only are Google Ads hard, but their costs are also inflated.

Google, besides the antitrust lawsuits, can be shady with its advertising costs. The clicks are overly expensive, unnecessarily.

Google can be very greedy. And they use “AI” to try to make you think they will somehow get you tons of business overnight.

Not true. It will take weeks before you get any results.

  • If you’re not ready to go into the red for a few weeks before getting anything out of it, do not run Google Ads
  • If you’re not willing to split test with Google and just give up after a first try, do not run ads at all
  • If you’re not willing to spend A LOT of your hard-earned money on Google Ads before getting decent ROI (which can easily take months), do not even think about Google Ads

Online articles and videos have likely made Google Ads seem way too easy. It’s not like that. It’s not a golden goose.

They do work, but it’s just like everything else – you get what you put into it.

Those who push through this learning phase will then start slowly reaping their rewards.

My answer to those serious with their marketing would be to actually do both.

Who wins at Monopoly?

The one with most real estate. Treat spots on the first page of Google like real estate:

  • Ads
  • Google Maps results
  • Organic website results

The more of these you own, the higher chance Google users will “pay you rent” – buy your services.

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