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Local SEO for Painting Contractors That Sells

The way people spend money has changed drastically. The global eCommerce market is growing by multiple hundreds of billions every single year.[1]

Why does this matter for your painting company?

It’s not just regular shopping that has been disrupted by the internet. So were the local business markets.

Around a half of ALL Google searches are local. These include, among everything else, “painters near me,”  “painters Washington DC,” and others.[2]

Additionally, around 20% of consumers use local searches like these to find businesses EVERY DAY. [3]

So, by not having a local SEO system built for your painting company, you’re pretty much losing out on a fifth of all of your potential customers in your area.

Those customers won’t rely on word of mouth or yard signs, but on a Google result.

Want to become that Google result? Enter your existing website by clicking the button below and let’s get started.

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Why Painting Contractor SEO?

Need more convincing on whether local SEO is worth it? I’ll go deep now.

Consider first that half of all millennials who performed a Google search for a local business said that they eventually hired or visited that business.[4]

And millennials aren’t just “kids” anymore. They’re officially over 40 years old now and many of them own homes.

A lot of them are also about to inherit immense wealth from boomers.[5] And what do people do with inherited money and real estate?

  • They sell the inherited real estate. Now, most people are aware that painting a house can help increase its value, so they’ll be on the lookout for painters.
  • They keep it and since they have an influx of cash, they will upgrade their home to look better and achieve higher status in their close surroundings. Among new decks, pools, and cars, this includes painting a house.

All this serves the purpose of showing you that the “thing” your young nephew is doing is not a waste of time.

A picture on the left is an indicator of how valuable local SEO is. It shows the number of searches on a monthly basis for painters in Dallas. Over 9,000 searches.

My previous points serve to show that this demand will be even bigger in the future. When exactly? Who knows, maybe in just a few years.

The top three companies in local searches are getting 15%-20% of the business EACH. That’s around 400 visits to your profile per month. 

This translates to money when you count the fact that a conversion rate equals 5% on average. 

That’s 20 booked appointments for your painting company per month from just one keyword.

Our Painter SEO Services

Local SEO

Helping one-location businesses get more customers, free up their owners' time, and grow in more areas.

Multilocation SEO

Have multiple locations? I'll help you open even more with multilocation SEO.

Multilingual SEO

Ideal for companies in California with Spanish speakers, Quebec with French, and so on.

Nationwide SEO

If you serve nationwide, reach out for a custom nationwide SEO game plan!

How Our SEO for Painters Works?

Ranking high on Google Maps includes a couple of simple steps:

Website Build/Rebuild

Most local sites have terrible SEO. It’s not just about “keywords,” but the overall technology used to make a site, whether the site is readable by Google crawling bots that place your site on the search, the “site architecture,”  and more.

You likely have no clue what any of this means, so try this scenario. Imagine a library. In a library, different books are segmented under their own topics or “niches”.

You can find drama books in the Drama section, and then under Drama, you (should) find subsections of comedies and tragedies.

We’ll pretty much do the same for your website. Services like interior and exterior painting will go under the Services “directory”, service areas under their own directory, and so on.

We will also tweak your site so that it’s easily readable by Google, along with making it simple to navigate by consumers. This helps rank both the website AND your Google Business Profile.

Offsite Promotion

We’ll build your painting company’s online presence once we’re done with the site. 

Note: We’re never truly “done” with the site. For instance, in your area, there might be a lot of demand for a particular service we have not listed on the site, yet we were only able to see that once we got the initial data. So, only then will we build that page and get you more customers for that service.

Think of “hotel painters,”  “restaurant painters,”  and so on.

Online presence includes having social profiles *with posts and following*, listings on directories like Yelp *with reviews and information*, and other types of links.

I outlined how this works in my local SEO link building post, so feel free to read that if you’d like to learn more.

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Customers Are Happy. So Am I!

Neil Ednacot
Neil Ednacot
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I have a car detailing business and wanted to boost my local presence through SEO. Handling it on my own became too time-consuming, so I hired freelancers, but they didn't deliver satisfactory results. After a thorough search, I found Bogdan through a local SEO Facebook group. His expertise, active engagement, and clear communication convinced me to give his services a shot. In just 2-3 months, Bogdan's work significantly increased traffic and inquiries, helping me target the right customers. Working with him was smooth and efficient, thanks to his regular updates and straightforward approach. I highly recommend Bogdan's SEO services for anyone looking to expand their local business.
Steven La Selva
Steven La Selva
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I couldn't be happier with the results from this SEO company. Bogdan has significantly improved our local SEO, helping our business appear prominently in Google searches by optimizing my Google Business Profile. Since partnering with him, we've seen a noticeable increase in calls and leads. His on-page optimization is top-notch, ensuring our website is optimized for the right keywords. His expertise in local SEO has truly made a difference for our business, and I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to boost their online presence
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Bogdan is an exceptional SEO. As a fellow digital marketer, we recently collaborated on a project where his deep knowledge and skill set in search engine optimization were truly pivotal in taking my client's website to the next level. If you're looking for top-tier SEO help, Bogdan is your man. I highly, highly recommend!

Our Pricing

Our pricing is stupid simple.

$500 Per Month Per Website

Most companies have only one site, as they should.

$250 Per Month Per GBP

GBP being Google Business Profile.

This totals our pricing at $750 per month for one-location Painter SEO Services.

More FAQs!

Yes, it really works.

Of course, as with anything else, you get what you put in.

Think of your painting skills. You wouldn’t be as skilled or know as much about painting itself, the business, and the industry if you haven’t made it your life’s work.

Same goes for SEO. If you let us, people who have made SEO our life’s work, handle it for you for a long enough time, you’ll get your ROI.

If not and are just here to shop around, jump from a shiny object to a shiny object, then you won’t see any returns.

Most painters can rank with less than five figures spent. This might seem like a lot, but here’s where that cost goes:

  • SEO tools, like you’ve seen in the screenshots on this page
  • Paying for our team’s value, skills, and experience
  • Testing and further educating ourselves on SEO

And so much more.

Our objections are pretty much the same as yours when a homeowner tells you that you’re too pricey.

“You get what you pay for.”

And as far as we’re aware, 5-10 booked painting jobs and you’ve repaid all of your SEO costs, and you’re on top of Google for years to come.

Not really. Quite the opposite.

Google keeps pushing more and more companies down the first page. SGE is a prime example of Google trying to force companies into running ads.

The antitrust lawsuit against Google also shows that they are monopolizing the search advertising market.

These things will keep on coming.

Most painters will have to rely on inflated advertising to get business. But you won’t, because of our help.

The only time SEO will become irrelevant is if search engines go away. But even then, there will be a digital channel of some sort where a consumer will go to search for information, a product, or a service.

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