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SEO for Deck Builders That Works

Looking to book more deck installation jobs? Perhaps you also want to install more pergolas, covers, and maybe even porches?

You’re at the right spot. We help deck builders get found on Google and make more money through our deck builder SEO methods.

Deck building is still an untapped industry, at least in terms of SEO, with many companies still disregarding their SEO because they either think it’s snake oil or too complicated.

Well, it’s not, for both. Most of the time, they get comfortable because they get a lot of business through word of mouth or other types of advertising.

This leaves the room for you to swoop in and steal your competition’s would-be deck leads with SEO. It doesn’t take long for the results to start kicking in and once you rank, you stay ranking for years, as long as you’re properly maintaining your SEO.


Customers Are Happy. So Am I!

Neil Ednacot
Neil Ednacot
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I have a car detailing business and wanted to boost my local presence through SEO. Handling it on my own became too time-consuming, so I hired freelancers, but they didn't deliver satisfactory results. After a thorough search, I found Bogdan through a local SEO Facebook group. His expertise, active engagement, and clear communication convinced me to give his services a shot. In just 2-3 months, Bogdan's work significantly increased traffic and inquiries, helping me target the right customers. Working with him was smooth and efficient, thanks to his regular updates and straightforward approach. I highly recommend Bogdan's SEO services for anyone looking to expand their local business.
Steven La Selva
Steven La Selva
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I couldn't be happier with the results from this SEO company. Bogdan has significantly improved our local SEO, helping our business appear prominently in Google searches by optimizing my Google Business Profile. Since partnering with him, we've seen a noticeable increase in calls and leads. His on-page optimization is top-notch, ensuring our website is optimized for the right keywords. His expertise in local SEO has truly made a difference for our business, and I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to boost their online presence
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Bogdan is an exceptional SEO. As a fellow digital marketer, we recently collaborated on a project where his deep knowledge and skill set in search engine optimization were truly pivotal in taking my client's website to the next level. If you're looking for top-tier SEO help, Bogdan is your man. I highly, highly recommend!
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Why SEO for Deck Builders?

In essence, our deck builder SEO helps you claim the top spots in the “GBPs” and “Websites” sections you see in the image.

Why would you care about these top spots?

Let’s run a simple calculation:

  • Top profile in the “GBPs” section gets around 20% of the traffic for themselves.
  • Top website in the “Websites” section gets around 20% of the clicks.

So, if we take the demand, as you can see in the example image above about deck building in Cincinnati, that’s a total of 40% of 2,900 potential customers, which equals 1160 visitors to your deck business every month.

Now, an average website converts at 2%-5%. Conversion simply means a lead for a new deck, a deck repair service, a new pergola, or another service you might be selling.

This means that you’d be getting up to 58 leads per month for high-end deck, pergola, and other services, just from SEO in Cincinnati.

How SEO Works?

We wrote a pretty in-depth local SEO guide[1] that dives deep into how deck builder SEO and all other types of local SEO work.

Feel free to check it out to learn more.

But in a nutshell, SEO involves three stages.

Website Build/Rebuild

Most websites from local businesses, especially deck builders, are poorly built. It’s not just about the design (although that plays a role), but it’s also about the website’s “architecture” and the technology used.

This is why, almost every time we take on a new client, we need to rebuild a website using lightweight software that doesn’t slow down a website (which matters because most consumers won’t wait past 3 seconds for a site to load[2]) and has a great structure.

What does a website “structure” mean?

Your site needs to have easy-to-follow URLs:


And so on.

Most deck builders have sites with their URLs all over the place, having no consistency, which not only makes it harder for your site visitors to find what they want but also for Google to understand what you want to rank for.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing means, well, marketing through your website’s content. 

People aren’t just looking for “deck builders Cincinnati” keywords. Given how expensive your services are, many need more information, like permitting requirements in their city, average cost of a deck, and more.

We’ll place all of the answers to these questions on your website to attract even more people who are somewhat interested in a deck but need some extra convincing. This is what content marketing is for.

backlink example

Offpage SEO

Offpage SEO refers to the act of promoting your website throughout the web.

You see, Google measures the so-called prominence[3] of each business listed on their platform.

Once the website is done, we’ll immediately start promoting it and placing it in front of as many people as possible.

Each of the links your site gets from other websites (these links are called a backlinks) counts as boosted prominence. The more prominent your business, the higher you’ll rank.

So, to sum it up, offpage SEO involves getting more backlinks for your website.

Our Deck Builder SEO Services

Local SEO

Helping one-location businesses get more customers, free up their owners' time, and grow in more areas.

Multilocation SEO

Have multiple locations? I'll help you open even more with multilocation SEO.

Multilingual SEO

Ideal for companies in California with Spanish speakers, Quebec with French, and so on.

Nationwide SEO

If you serve nationwide, reach out for a custom nationwide SEO game plan!

Our Pricing

Our pricing is stupid simple.

$500 Per Month Per Website

Most companies have only one site, as they should.

$250 Per Month Per GBP

GBP being Google Business Profile.

This totals our pricing at $750 per month for one-location Deck Builder SEO Services.

More FAQs!

Yes, it really works.

Of course, as with anything else, you get what you put in.

Think of your deck skills. You wouldn’t be as skilled or know as much about decking itself, the business, and the industry if you haven’t made it your life’s work.

Same goes for SEO. If you let us, people who have made SEO our life’s work, handle it for you for a long enough time, you’ll get your ROI.

If not and are just here to shop around, jump from a shiny object to a shiny object, then you won’t see any returns.

Most deck builders can rank with less than five figures spent. This might seem like a lot, but here’s where that cost goes:

  • SEO tools, like you’ve seen in the screenshots on this page
  • Paying for our team’s value, skills, and experience
  • Testing and further educating ourselves on SEO

And so much more.

Our objections are pretty much the same as yours when a homeowner tells you that you’re too pricey.

“You get what you pay for.”

And as far as we’re aware, 1-2 deck jobs and you’ve repaid all of your SEO costs, and you’re on top of Google for years to come.

Not really. Quite the opposite.

Google keeps pushing more and more companies down the first page. SGE is a prime example of Google trying to force companies into running ads.

The antitrust lawsuit against Google also shows that they are monopolizing the search advertising market.

These things will keep on coming.

Most deck installers will have to pay inflated advertising costs to get business. But you won’t, because of our help.

The only time SEO will become irrelevant is if search engines go away. But even then, there will be a digital channel of some sort where a consumer will go to search for information, a product, or a service.

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