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SEO for Solar Energy Companies That Books More Installations!

Most solar lead generation services and solar marketing agencies bring you calls from tire-kickers and spammers, but that’s not the case with Krstic SEO.

By working with us, you’ll book more qualified system installations that convert into a $5,000, $10,000, or even more valuable job.

Our solar SEO services come from ranking and sending calls to solar energy companies we’ve partnered with, not from a “course” or a “certification”. 

Let’s get started right away. Click the button below and claim your free SEO audit, where you’ll get an accurate overview of your market, the present demand, and how many more customers can you get.

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Why SEO for Solar Power Companies?

The sales cycle in your industry is long. It’s not like water damage restoration, plumbing, or roof repair where customers do not really have much time to think because they have a leak.

Instead, people looking for solar have a lot of time to think, and they usually do a ton of research because the product you’re selling is not only expensive but demand thorough understanding of the risks and incentives.

With SEO, we can position ourselves right at the end of that sales cycle, where they’re not only researching, but actively looking to book an appointment.

Different solar SEO agencies charge different amounts, but down below, you’ll be able to see our pricing and then you’ll figure out that just ONE booked installation from our SEO will pay for 3 months of our service AT LEAST. 

And sometimes, it takes much less than 3 months to see results from your SEO efforts. Click the button below to book your solar energy SEO audit!

Benefits of Solar SEO

SEO consistently comes out on top of the lists of highest ROI digital marketing channels. And these include everything – PPC, social media, email, and others.[1]

There are many reasons for this:

  • SEO allows you to target an audience at different stages of the sales cycle – the beginning, middle, and end.

You do this by not only ranking for “solar panel installation Atlanta,” which is the keyword all solar companies want but also for “cost of solar panels,” “are solar panels worth it?”, “how much do solar batteries cost?”, and others.

With social media, for instance, you can’t do that because most of the audience is at the very beginning of a sales cycle. 

But on Google, you can hit all buyer journey stages with SEO because we can accurately predict the intent. 

Nobody would search for “cost of solar panels” if they weren’t actually interested in the product.

  • SEO also makes your company more valuable. Inbound lead generation is one of the best assets your company can have.

You don’t have to rely on cold outreach to get new business; you can simply answer the phone or email because leads are coming to you. 

  • With PPC or any other type of paid advertising, the leads stop as soon as you hit the pause button. With SEO, that is not the case.

SEO requires a ton of upfront work (which is why very few of your competitors even do it), but once you get to the promise land, it’s all a matter of maintenance from there, at which point you can get more relaxed.

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Can I Grow My Solar Company with SEO?

Yes, absolutely. 

You can use SEO for getting solar leads before you open a new business location, or to book more installations in a certain area you desire more. You can also use SEO to book more different kinds of jobs you want, like, for example, solar battery storage installations.

If you clean solar panels too, you can use solar energy SEO to book more cleaning jobs or to sign customers on a maintenance retainer. 

The possibilities are endless. Very few digital marketing channels allow you to nurture (or “groom”) someone from a complete newbie to the solar industry to a customer with a strong desire to purchase your products and services.

This is how that can play out:

  • A customer begins the buyer’s journey by looking up “How Solar Panels Work?” and finds your article.
  • They go through it, and then look up your “Cost of Solar Panel Systems” article. They see the pros and cons, along with an ROI they can expect.
  • Once they’re done with that, they look up your service area and see Atlanta. And then they call you.

This is, of course, just an example. But there are people out there searching for answers like this. 

With the average solar job sitting at over $10,000, getting just a handful of additional jobs per month can make a noticeable difference for you.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is stupid simple.

$500 Per Month Per Website

Most solar companies have only one site, as they should.

$250 Per Month Per GBP

GBP being Google Business Profile.

This totals our pricing at $750 per month for one-location Solar SEO Services.

Our Solar Power SEO Services

Local SEO

Helping one-location businesses get more customers, free up their owners' time, and grow in more areas.

Multilocation SEO

Have multiple locations? We'll help you open even more with multilocation SEO.

Multilingual SEO

Ideal for companies in California with Spanish speakers, Quebec with French, and so on.

Nationwide SEO

If you install nationwide, reach out for a custom nationwide SEO game plan!

More FAQs!

It takes some time, and how much is always very dependent on the situation.

You can’t really get 50 reviews in a day (unless you resort to some bad review practices, which are prohibited by law, not just unethical).

We also need to put in some hard work building and spreading the word on the internet about your business.

Google scans billions of sites DAILY, it takes time.

The problem is that many solar contractors don’t want to put the work in themselves or put the trust in someone to do it for them, so they keep getting overcharged for solar leads and keep building OTHER companies selling leads, NOT their own. Not to mention, that same lead gets sold to like 5 OTHER COMPANIES.

SEO is so much better than relying on Yelp, Angi, or HomeAdvisor. What do you think, how do these platforms even get leads? Through Google, of course!

They understood the true value of it and conquered the entire market that is now forced to buy their leads because it doesn’t know any better.

But you do—at least now you do.

No, we don’t. It is up to you to answer the phone and book your leads.

This is, unfortunately, a very common thing these days. In fact, most of our sales is dedicated towards tearing down that wall that customers have because of their previous bad experiences.

We only ask for a 30% upfront deposit so that you can see the value without paying much—almost anything upfront. Also, there is no way for you to even sign up for our services without going through the SEO audit, which we don’t charge for.

Just through the audit, you’ll see more value than other agencies charge thousands of dollars for. Our pricing is also scalable as you grow, so even if we were out to get you, we would never squeeze as much out of you as we would if you grew.

This makes the option of growing our partners the only option that actually makes sense.

Absolutely! Head over to our case studies page for in-depth articles about results we have achieved for clients.


A great job is ALWAYS a given. Nobody will come to you twice if you had messed up the first time or didn’t even show up. And an unhappy customer is way more likely to leave you a review than a happy customer.[2]

Think about it: when was the last time you revisited a bad restaurant where you ate something that gave you stomachache?

That’s right, neither did I!

Your reviews will build your SEO up like a snowball, because the more reviews you have and the better SEO you do, Google will give you more leeway and expand your reach to other cities nearby, leading to even more work and even more reviews down the lane.

So focus on that. If you have no idea how to get reviews, we’ll help you build that channel.

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