Bogdan Krstic SEO Specialist

The only professional photo of me. Don’t judge; I hate photoshoots.

What You Should Know About Me

There isn’t really that fun of a story.

During college, I got bored with classes and wanted to try something new.

I hung around a bunch of Facebook groups about marketing and a guy I met there sent me a pretty decent YouTube video about SEO. 

I watched it, made my first site, and got hooked ever since. That was right at the start of 2021.

Fast forward to today, and SEO is still what I eat and breathe every day. 

Over the previous years, stuff I worked on fell into two main categories:

  • Local SEO (90% of my focus)
  • Affiliate SEO (10% of my focus)

I work with agencies, and independent contractors. I build other people’s sites and also rank my own.

Born in Kruševac, living in Belgrade, Serbia.

Want to suggest an idea or team up for a project? Book a call now!

I don’t have enough nice photos of myself so here’s an image of search console for a local Serbian affiliate website. Also, connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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