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Local businesses with multiple locations seem to somehow get it as wrong, perhaps even wronger, than one-location businesses with their SEO.

As a multilocation company (plumbing, roofing, water damage restoration, or other type of company), it’s not only a good idea to take care of your SEO. It’s practically a necessity.

Did you know that over three quarters of all internet users read local business reviews daily before selecting the right one for their needs?[1]

With no SEO done, you can’t even get your reviews seen, let alone read, by a significant amount of internet traffic.

If you’d managed to grow to a point where you run multiple locations without SEO, here’s what you can do with SEO:

  • Claim up to 20% of the market share per city, just with a Google Business Profile.[2]
  • Get leads faster in each new location you open, making scaling easier.
  • Make your brand more valuable and sellable because you have an automated inbound lead acquisition system built out and working.

Want to learn just how many jobs you can get with SEO and how quickly you can get them without paying a penny? Claim your free SEO audit from Krstic SEO today!

Local SEO Results Mobile Detailing 2
Local SEO Results Mobile Detailing

Why SEO for Multiple Locations?

Throughout this site, all my social media posts, videos, and more, I constantly preach the benefits of local SEO, not just for “rankings”, but for your bottom line.

Here’s a typical scenario of how SEO helps multilocation businesses grow:

  1. Top companies on Google Maps (search any keyword on Google, like “roofer Salt Lake City”, and you’ll see ads, Google Business Profiles, or GBPs, and websites) get around 15-20% of all clicks from this keyword. This amounts to a few hundred, based on what the demand market research software calculates.
  2. The demand for this particular query is around 1,700 per month (data retrieved from Mangools). That means you’ll get around 200-300 clicks on your GBP by being within the top 3.
  3. Average GBP (note when I say “average”) gets around a 5% conversion rate – website click, call, or a direction request. These are now your leads. But you profile won’t be average. It’ll be exceptional. Non-exceptional profiles don’t rank in the top 3 for competitive keywords. So you’ll get more than 10-15 leads a month.
  4. Note that all of this is just from one keyword, one city. What about other keywords (roof replacement, roof repair, roofing companies, roofing contractors, roofing services, etc.)?What about other cities you might be operating in? What about higher average household income in other cities you’re based in that can lead to more money in your pocket, simply because of the different type of customer based of the area?
  5. Our pricing for all of your locations can be made back 10x fold just by selling ONE additional roof in ONE location! Similar goes for restoration, painting, or removing a tree. We know the numbers you all operate with, and price our services so that it seems almost stupid not to invest in SEO.

Get our free SEO audit today to get a custom job acquisition estimate!

Why SEO over Google Ads?

You’d have to spend X number of times the amount of money on ads than you would on SEO. Here’s how ads work:

  1. An average Google Ad gets only 1-2% of all clicks. Just the average, could be higher, though.
  2. So, out of 1,700 people, 34 people would click on your ad per month. It costs around $40 to get someone to click your website on Google when you run roofing ads in your area. Google Ads work like an auction system.
    Keywords that make more money are usually more expensive.
  3. It takes 10-20 people to click on your website to call your business or convert into a lead. This means you have to spend $400-$800 to get one roofing lead. This is all assuming you know what you are doing.
  4. 34 clicks means $1360 spent. That is essentially 1-3 leads. Let’s take a 20% close rate, the average across all industries.[3] You landed one job. Maybe.

But this now made me $10,000, or even more? Sounds great for only $1,300 put in! 

Oh, that’s just the ad spend. Not agency fees (we don’t do ads, but the other hypothetical agency would).

It may seem like a good ROI, but know that the “learning phase” will eat a lot of your money upfront. It is not an instant solution, it takes time.

SEO also does, true, but the ROI is way more than just a job a month (if we’re still sticking to our Roofing in SLC example).

At least, let us run your site through our auditing process, give you an estimated number of jobs in X amount of time, making it easy for you to see the ROI. Get your audit now by clicking the red button below!

multilocation seo

Special Benefit of Multilocation SEO You Have Not Heard of Yet

You don’t even have to pay for SEO to all of your locations to get more calls to all of them.

From my past experience, it’s enough to have ONE rock-solid website, and all of the locations tied to that website will improve in rankings, reach, radius, and leads acquired. 

So, if you’re skeptical of me but want to try out SEO, get started with a few locations (so if you have, f.e., 6 locations, start with 3), see the value, and add more as you grow. Our pricing is as scalable as our SEO process.



Even in places like California and Florida, we can rank multiple restoration locations.


I can provide you with more interior and exterior painting jobs, both residential and commercial.

Pressure Washing

Stop relying on signs and word of mouth. Build your own inbound pressure washing lead system today!

Junk Removal

Just because you remove trash doesn't mean you should have trash marketing. Get in touch today!


Sell more installation and refinishing jobs. Can be easily applied to other types of remodeling.


Reach even more cities with mobile detailing while opening up more shops.

Tree Service

Continue keeping our yards safe while we get you more pruning and removal jobs.


More kitchen and bathroom jobs. Slightly different approach than f.e., water damage, but I can still get you jobs.

Our Multilocation SEO Pricing

Our pricing is stupid simple.

$500 Per Month Per Website

This Stays Fixed, As We'll Need Only One Site.

$250 Per Month Per GBP

Easily Add More as We Grow and Build Trust.

This totals our pricing at $1,000 per month for two-location Multilocation SEO Services.

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More FAQs!

It’s easy. People on Google are the “bottom of funnel” audience. Bottom of funnel means that they already know what they want and that they are just looking for the right company for their needs.

They are already sold onto the product or service, but just need some convincing from you to become your customers instead of somebody else’s.

Social media, both posts and ads, is a bit different. It’s a “top of funnel” audience. Let’s take Facebook as an example.

The audience on Facebook is not looking for anything specific, but rather just to chill and look at memes or funny cat videos.

In other words, you need to take away their attention and put it on you. In painting and most other home services, this is harder to do, as most people know when they need you, and when not.

Perhaps a unique offer, a discount, or a clever hook to get them to pay attention (for instance, just making this up – Selling Your House? Paint Now and Boost Its Value!) and then target that specific audience.

The great thing about Facebook, though, is that it knows people’s interests DEEP, so you can narrow down your targeting to only a demographic you want – homeowners, parents, making X amount of money, having an interest in home improvement, real estate investing, and so on.

The problem is that most roofers, plumbers, doctors, lawyers, or pretty much anyone isn’t willing to wait out that initial period and trust that the algorithm will eventually notice it. As explained before, Google scans billions of sites, it takes time.

How hard is it for you to answer 15 text messages at the same time? Now imagine having to mathematically calculate which site out of tens of billions needs to be first so they don’t lose out on ad revenue, and so on.

There is a lot more at stake for Google to show a bad website to their users. Their resources and ad revenue will be impacted.

Check out this recent Angi lawsuit. That’s part 1.

Part 2. All Angi leads get resold to 5 or more different companies, and it’s a race to getting the lead first before other contractors.

Part 3. You don’t own the lead source. Angi does. It’s their site, not yours. You need an inbound lead channel you own, and that does not stop as soon as you cancel the service or advertising.

So, this not only excludes Angi, but Thumbtack, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and others. They can all work if you put the effort in, but as soon as you turn them all off, the leads and calls stop.

But this is not the case with:

1. Word of mouth, of course
2. Referrals
3. Local SEO

Build an inbound lead acquisition channel. On the internet, Google is the type of channel you can rely on. It’s not going anywhere any time soon.

In fact, ads are getting more and more expensive because Google keeps pushing more and more websites down the page 1 so many companies who are not among the top 3-5 in their area who get no business organically are forced to run ads.

And how do you think Angi gets all of the leads they sell to you anyway?

Besides direct traffic, it’s through SEO! So why not cut the middleman out, and get those leads yourself without ever relying on other lead sources?

Not to mention this makes your brand more valuable and sellable in the long run.

Okay, I’ll go in-depth here.

  • Opening up a profile on Google (if you don’t have it) your location(s)

Verification takes 1-2 weeks, it’s a little bit of an annoying part. You’ll either need to get a code via mail or record a video yourself.

But once we get through it, we can start digging the goldmine.

We’ll then need to fill it out completely. GBPs have fields for services, address, phone, description, posts, offers, questions and answers, and more. Using EVERY single field, we’ll eventually come up with a profile for you better than 90% of the competition out there.

Next, and this is where you step in, asking anyone you can for a review. Important, don’t get biased reviews, because it will show.

Ideally, ask previous customers, other business owners you might be working with, and so on. We’ll teach you some review acquisition strategies and methods that work like a charm.

  • Creating/rebuilding your website.

No, this will not be just “any website,” but the one that’s optimized for Google. We’ll then add that site to your Google profile. That website needs:

  1. A homepage where you just get people through the door.
  2. A page for each of the services you provide. Why a page for each? Some customers want one, others want the other, and then there are some who need multiple. But if we just have “Roofing” and that’s it, you may lose out on some customers who are looking for a specific service only.
  3. A page for each of the service areas. This is the key, most companies don’t do this. So, if you’re that roofer in SLC, you can likely serve the suburbs too. What we’ll need is a page for SLC, a page for Ogden, a page for Provo, and so on. Starting with 5-7 PER business location/GBP. Why this? Because these pages will rank on Google in each given area, and serve to expand the radius of each of your GBPs. Just look at how many customers use Google for finding roofers in our Utah roofing example per month in the attached image above, and you’ll figure out why we’re going to do this.
  4. “Trust” pages. About us, Contact us, Our Portfolio (or Gallery), Our Reviews, Our Team, and FAQs you added to your Google profile could also have their own page. Our Certifications/Licenses maybe if they apply. Privacy Policy that legally protects you when collecting data from customers. And more.

Have all of these? Then great! This will save us some time. But you likely don’t, otherwise you’d not be here.

  • Offpage SEO. Setting up social profiles. Building your citations on other directories besides GBP. These may get you a lead or two but they are mostly to show up when people look for your brand online. Facebook page, Yelp, and LinkedIn especially help build trust. Listing your site on other popular blogs too.

There is a ton more to mention, but this is a good overview. Want more insight into your specific situation, low-hanging fruit, and how much time it’ll take? Get our free audit!

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