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SEO for Car Detailing That Gets The Phone Ringing!

If you’re a car detailer looking for SEO for your mobile car detailing business, you’re at the right place. Just by looking into SEO, you’re already way ahead.

Most car detailers have poorly designed websites. Not only do they look terrible, but they rank nowhere at Google, leading to phones very rarely ringing (and if they do, it’s not from Google). 

Not only is SEO great for getting car detailing jobs in general, but it’s also great for getting more of the specific kinds of jobs you want.

Let’s say that you want more high-end jobs like ceramic coating or paint correction. You could target an audience specifically looking for that on Google, winning those most profitable jobs while other detailers keep having to rely on undercharging.

Want to see just how many jobs you can get for your car detailing business through SEO? Schedule your free audit now!

Car Detailing SEO Results

Why SEO for Car Detailers?

Easy. Because it makes money. Fast.

Contrary to what you might have heard, so far, we have seen noticeable results with car detailing SEO relatively quickly.

These results aren’t just vanity metrics. Instead, these results are:

  1. More traffic from high buyer-intent keywords
  2. More leads

If you want more car detailing leads, including high value ones like high-end, luxury car detailing leads, we’re your guys.

We’re not just “maintaining” your website. We’re developing a sales funnel that converts a cold audience to warm, ready-to-buy leads.

How do we do that?

  1. The first step is identifying the keywords that will make you the most money, and where do you currently rank for them.
  2. Then, we develop a layout of the website that will quickly claim top spots for those same keywords.
  3. Following the advertising model that’s been working since the late 19th century[1], we’ll develop content that will get and convert an audience from Google.

Remember, the top three companies on Google get 15%-20% of the business each[2], so you don’t have to be #1 exclusively to win big. But we’ll get you there anyway.

To see more data personalized to your business, click the button below and order your free audit.

Car Detailing SEO is Easy! Get In While You Can

The way we calculate profitability of the SEO campaign is simple.

Among the research on different demographics, like average household income, population, and homeownership in the given area, we rely on keyword tools to tell us the full story.

Using a tool like Mangools, we can look at the average monthly demand for car detailing services in any given city.

Let’s take the city of Fort Lauderdale as an example. A decently sized city, with an average household income of over $100,000 per year.[3]

Looking at Mangools, we can see that the average total search volume for car detailing across multiple keywords is 2,600 per month. That’s a lot, won’t you agree?

But, an even more promising metric is the KD score of 12. This score pretty much represents how hard or easy it will be to get to the top of Google for the given keyword. And, for car detailing in Fort Lauderdale, the score is 12, while anything below 15 is super easy.

Many SEOs don’t trust these types of scores, but we’ve found that this one is among the industry’s most accurate.

And guess what? This is the case with most car detailing markets across the entire country!

So, get in before the rest. An early bird catches the worm. Claim your free, no strings attached SEO audit by clicking the button below!

Car Detailing Keyword Research
Car Detailing SEO Case Study

How Our Car Detailing SEO Clients Won With Our Help

The best way to prove to you that our SEO for detailers works is by showing you a detailer who we’ve already helped.

River Islands Car Salon is a California-based mobile car detailing business. They had a bunch of bad experiences in the past with other marketing agencies, until they came to us.

Not only did we help them come out of a rut they found themselves in (no clients from online marketing, website that looks embarrassing, and so on), but we’ve done so quickly!

We doubled their incoming traffic in less than 2 months

Also, in about 3 months, we generated around 50% more leads for them than before we started working together.

Feel free to read more about this case study on our page dedicated to this project.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is stupid simple.

$500 Per Month Per Website

Most companies have only one site, as they should.

$250 Per Month Per GBP

GBP being Google Business Profile.

This totals our pricing at $750 per month for one-location Car Detailing SEO Services.

Our Car Detailing SEO Services

Local SEO

Helping one-location businesses get more customers, free up their owners' time, and grow in more areas.

Multilocation SEO

Have multiple locations? I'll help you open even more with multilocation SEO.

Multilingual SEO

Ideal for companies in California with Spanish speakers, Quebec with French, and so on.

Nationwide SEO

If you serve nationwide, reach out for a custom nationwide SEO game plan!

More FAQs!

My counter-question would be – why social media? Why dedicate your time to Facebook?

People on Facebook are there to look at memes, not buy your services.

Now, it would be A LOT different if you’re going in, answering questions, and then solving a problem almost completely for the customer through a comment. If you’re doing that, great, because it works.

It’s how I also got clients for my SEO services. But if you’re just there to post, it’s not the best call, because of what I just said. If you’re posting on a Facebook business page, even worse.

Facebook limits your reach on purpose. Only like 2-5% of your page’s followers will actually see them. Facebook wants you to run ads, not post and get tons of work for free.

If you’d to run ads, that could be a different story too. But ads are hard, and demand a budget as well.

If you’re willing to dedicate some time every day to figuring them out, though, you can get leads. Just note that Facebook advertising is all about hooking them in with a bold claim or a great offer.

As I said, the audience there wants to see memes, funny videos, their friends talking smack, and maybe even some nice pictures of the opposite gender (or the same one, I don’t judge). So you’d need to craft that kind of an ad.

With Google, it’s not the same story. The audience already know what they’re interested in. They know they want to detail their car, otherwise, they would not be searching “mobile car detailing service near me”, or similar.

If you’re based in any decently-populated area with a lot of cars, like the Tri-State area, SoCal, or Miami-Dade, there are tons of potential customers, like from our Fort Lauderdale example, and likely even more.

Don’t get me wrong – social can work for detailers. But Google is the long-term, high-ROI activity that can also make your brand sellable.

We sure can. It’s not just about “the traffic.” It’s about the right traffic.

Also, we can work with you to increase your conversion rates from the existing traffic. 

But then, in some cases, it might not be worth it for you if you’re already at the top of Google. In that case, try the following tips to squeeze more money out of your existing traffic.

1. Make it ALL about the customer. Say YOU much less than WE. We can help YOU. We will coat YOUR car. We will make YOUR car look great and easy to maintain. Why ceramic coating is amazing for YOU. Etc.

2. Lead with benefits. Not features. Internet marketing 101. So, basically, what you want to do is spit out some of the actual benefits of ceramic coating. This is needed less on Google, though, because the audience is “bottom of funnel” (meaning that they are already deep down in their buyer research and are just using Google to find a great company for a product they already know they want).

3. REVIEWS! Immediately above fold. “Above fold” means that they do not have to scroll to see the content. Reviews, reviews, reviews. Use Google reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook, Nextdoor, or anything else you can. Add them at the top of the page on any website too.

4. SPEED. Your page HAS to load fast. Your video HAS to load fast. All of the images you put on the page HAVE TO LOAD FAST. So many detailers have TERRIBLE sites that are slow. Especially on mobile devices, which is pretty ironic given that half of the entire internet uses a phone.

5. Monitor your traffic. Use a tool like Hotjar to record your page’s sessions (where customers click, do they scroll, do they pause on a certain part of the page, indicating confusion, etc.) and use Google Analytics to track page engagement and how much time they spent on the page, bounce rate (which means immediately clicking off the site because it sucks), and so on.

Again, you should be doing this on your website anyway, but if you have not, now is the time to start.

Need our help to implement all of this? Then get in touch for a free audit!

The problem is that most car detailers or pretty much anyone else isn’t willing to wait out that initial period and trust that the algorithm will eventually notice it.

Google scans billions of sites DAILY, it takes time.

How hard is it for you to answer 15 text messages at the same time? Now imagine having to mathematically calculate which site out of tens of billions needs to be first so they don’t lose out on ad revenue, and so on.

There is a lot more at stake for Google to show a bad website to their users. Their resources and ad revenue will be impacted.

So, patience, although you hate to hear that word, is the key. It doesn’t take that long too, especially in the detailing industry.

For ads, the overall percentage of clicks is lower, at around 2-5%. Good ads can have 10%. I ran some ads even with a 20% CTR (click-through rate, pretty much the percentage of clicks).

Ads give a little bit faster results. But it takes a lot more money. Detailing keywords, like you could see in our Fort Lauderdale example, cost 4-10 dollars just for a click. So around 40-100 for a decent lead (depending on the type of job).

Wow, that’s expensive, isn’t it?

Yes, but the reason is, among a few other things, that other advertisers are willing to spend this much on that traffic. Likely because it works for them, otherwise, they would not do it.

Estimate your budget and if you’re willing to be in the negative for a few weeks until you figure ads out (it takes a lot more testing than SEO).


A great job is ALWAYS a given. Nobody will come to you twice if you had messed up the first time (or didn’t show up). And an unhappy customer is way more likely to leave you a review than a happy customer.[4]

Think about it: when was the last time you revisited a bad restaurant where you ate something that gave you stomachache?

That’s right, neither did I!

Your reviews will build your SEO up like a snowball, because the more reviews you have and the better SEO you do, Google will give you more leeway and expand your reach to other cities nearby, leading to even more work and even more reviews down the lane.

So focus on that. If you have no idea how to get reviews, we’ll help you build that channel.

The rest – setting up a website that looks professional, loads quickly (baffles me how many people have slow sites to this day), and has a decent portfolio with pictures and videos – will be on us. But we can’t take care of the reviews for you. You’re the one interacting with customers, not us.

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